About Us

Welcome to Not9to5

Connect. Learn. Collaborate

Not9to5 was established by Helen Denny, after working in the Third Sector for over 20 years she saw the opportunity to establish a community for Not9to5 professionals. Not9to5 supports individuals and organisations to become even more effective at what they do, resulting in a greater social impact. We are still very much in our infancy and will evolve shaped by the needs of our community.


Opportunities to make meaningful connections, share your skills and experiences with other Not9to5 professionals and those interested in a Not9to5 career.


Bespoke learning events for individuals and organisations, enabling you to become even more effective at what you do, in turn enabling you to have an even greater impact.


Collaborate with other Not9to5 professionals on projects that need a number of people and a range of different skills.