“Helen is such an inspiration! I loved her Not9to5 workshop, She was great at facilitating a full room of people, getting us all to chat and interact with each other. It was great to meet like-minded people and I particularly loved the interactive part of the session, where we were able to put what we had learnt into practice” Lucy Baker: Raleigh International 

“Both times I have attended Not9to5 events, I have made great contacts that has led to freelance artwork! At the events there is a good informal atmosphere and plenty of time to chat and meet people, as well as do something practical at the workshops. A great place to meet free-spirited freelancers and connect for new projects” Jenny Leonard: Freelance Commission Artist 

“Helen is an excellent communicator and has a great ability to build networks and make introductions to further the work of others. She is able to keep on top of multiple work streams and ensures that tight deadlines can be met. Helen has a unique and varied background of experience and is able to transfer all that she has learnt to be able to offer insight and innovation to any team she is working with. Helen is a solid member of any team, has a great ability to both lead and inspire and will be an asset to any project she is involved with. I personally hope to work with Helen again in the future.” Ian Mcinnes: Former Provider Support Lead (NCS) Cabinet Office

“Not9to5 provides freelancers the space to engage with like minded professionals.  Connections and long term opportunities are made through experiential learning & post workshop networking. A must for any aspiring freelancer” Eddie Church: Freelance Facilitator 

“I found the coaching and leadership session with Not9to5 really useful, both in thinking about how I work now (managing teams and projects) to what I can look to move towards in the future. It has given me a new set of tools in dealing with other people and looking at how I view my own strengths. Caroline was a fantastic facilitator who made everyone in the room really welcome and adjusted her session according to what we needed” Michaela Cox: The Challenge Network 

“Not9to5 provide an open, safe space for personal development and reflection.  It is clear that it is Helen’s vision to bring out the best in people, which is obvious from the first moment you sit in your seat”  Tom Boon: Raleigh International 

“Interactive, engaging & fun – I thoroughly enjoyed Helen’s Not9to5 workshop at the Raleigh Alumni Conference.  Great way for everyone to take a moment, reflect and remind ourselves of what inspires us in life and our purpose.”  Marie Duguid: The Social Enterprise Academy 

“The Not9to5 workshop was excellent! Andy’s ability to make me really stop and think about what it is I want and how to go about achieving that, has really propelled me forward in both understanding and reaching my goals as a freelancer!  Thank you Not9to5!!” Rachel Batten: Freelance Trainer and Consultant